Workout of the Month – Full Body Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an excellent way to increase the external forces applied to the body and activate body-wide adaptive responses that lead to greater strength, speed and agility. The Full-Body Kettlebell workout is exactly what it says. You will feel the results on your muscles, tendons and core from the very first time you do this […]


HIIT Benefits

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a short, intense burst of exercise, usually carried out over a period of time that ranges from one to three minutes with a recovery phase between repetitions. Because HIIT brings heart rate, aerobic and cardiovascular performance to near optimal levels it delivers impressive results in improvement in body fat […]


Workout of the Month – Because…Abs

Another great workout: Strong abs help us combat muscle fatigue and also sit, stand, walk, run and jump better. To train them properly though it requires time, patience, dedication and, above all, a smart workout. The kind of workout that will help you put your abs through their paces without exhausting you. Because … […]


Which is better for weight loss, cardio or strength training?

Answer: Both types of exercises burn calories but they both burn calories differently. Cardio exercises burn calories at a higher rate throughout your workout. After your workout is complete, your body slows down, and your calorie-burning rate decreases. Strength training may burn fewer calories during a workout but has more benefits after. During a strength […]